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Friday, June 10, 2011

"Woman of Color"

One day I was watching the morning show and the governor of Louisanna, who happened to be a black man, was on and he was talking about which canidate he was supporting to replace him as governor.  After he listed some reasons, he ended with saying ultimately he was supporting the woman who was running because she was a "woman of color".

Right then, God spoke to me and reminded me that I too am a woman of color.  I pondered it for several days and spoke to Him about it often.  I was afraid that I would step on toes but He let me know that whether or not I would ever get the chance to speak to a multitude about this subject, it would ALWAYS be close to my heart.  You see its not that I don't think God sees in color, afterall, He made the peacock and the rainbow.  Its just that I think that God sees EVERY color as a marvelous thing created by Him and that white, or tan or peach or whatever you call this color that I am, it is indeed a color.

I was working at the daycare when I wrote this poem and I was having alot of difficulty with the Cherokee Nation.  Everywhere I turned I was hitting a wall and I felt like I was being discriminated against because I wasn't indian enough for them.  I hope this poem doesn't offend anyone but at the same time I don't want to apologize for it.  I believe that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit even if just to get me out of the valley I was walking in at that time.  Every letter I recieved from the Cherokee Nation was signed by the Chief, Chad Smith, and he would sign it "I am,    Chad Smith, Principal Chief".  After that when I would have corrsepondance with him or anyone I would sign my letter "I am ,    Becky Morehead, Woman of Color."  I always hoped that would spur someone to ask me about it but they never did.  That was probably God looking out for me knowing I wasn't ready to speak about it yet.  Anyway, here's my poem, please be kind, it is from my heart afterall! :)

Woman of Color

You say you're a woman of color
And I believe you are what you say
But before you go any further
Let me ask you this if I may...

Does my skin not have a color?
Don't I have a heritage too?
Your loved ones were treated unfairly,
but have I been unfair to you?

Please don't blame me for how you've been treated
For just because my skin is "white"
Doesn't mean that I've had it easy,
Or that I haven't had to fight.

Now I pray that you don't misunderstand me,
We should hold fast to what used to be,
and learn from those gone before us
who paved the path so that we could be free.

But know this,  if you were to ask me
I would stand up and proudly say -
I too am a woman of color...
Lighter skinned yet paving the way!

I am,

Becky Morehead
Woman of Color

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